There is a lot of talk about open innovation. But what do you need to be able to really walk the talk and generate concrete results? Take this opportunity to learn how and to interact with industry leaders in an Expert Panel Discussion on September 27th. In this live session we will share experiences on implementing and executing open innovation and how to make it an integrated and recognized part of the innovation process.

In this live IM Channel One Expert Panel Discussion hosted by NineSigma, you will learn about how Open Innovation has been adopted transversally across diverse industries, how this has been achieved and the impact it has had in making and maintaining these Open Innovation adopters industry leaders.

Date & time:  September 27, 2012 15:00 CET (Central European Time)

Moderator:  Rick Wielens, CEO, NineSigma, Europe.

Expert panelists:

Alan Taub, former VP Global R&D, General Motors

Werner Vogt, former board member of the Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte Group as their COO and CTO

Katja van der Wal,  Director Open Innovation at Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

Topic:  How to make open innovation a reality – learn about the rules, guidelines and practices for successful application of open innovation methods and practices. You will learn how open innovation fits into the global corporate innovation tool box, how they compliment each other, the synergies involved and the contribution of each tool in successfully driving a global innovation strategy and program.

Challenges addressed in the September 27 Expert Panel discussion

Some of the challenges and topics to be addressed are:

  • Why do organizations implement open innovation capabilities and tools?
  • What are the important organizational considerations and lessons learned from General Motors, B/S/H and Philips?
  • How does open innovation play in this current economic climate?
  • How do you measure Open Innovation?
  • How does open innovation fit in the corporate innovation toolbox?

As a premise we will base our discussions on the following definition of open innovation:

“Open Innovation is the formal discipline and practice of leveraging the discoveries of unobvious others as input for the innovation process through formal and informal relationships.” – Professor Frank Piller, MIT Smart Customization & RWTH Aachen

You will hear from Alan Taub on how and why he, as VP Global R&D at General Motors, influenced the top management to embrace open innovation as an integral, strategic innovation tool and then how he drilled down into the organization to provide resources, vision and rewards on implementing this strategy. He will share with you the internal difficulties and challenges that he faced in this and how he overcame those to make open innovation a recognized part of innovation at GM.

Professor Werner Vogt will demonstrate the importance of open innovation in corporate strategy by giving examples of how he, as a board member of BSH, looked at the way that open innovation can help a company to overcome the business challenges in today’s world and how the adoption of open innovation has a major impact on maintaining the success of industry leaders. He will demonstrate that if open innovation is not adopted then it will be increasingly difficult to maintain a leading position in a highly competitive world.

Katja van der Wal will share her personal experience on how open innovation is changing the way Philips Consumer lifestyle is innovating. She will also share insights in the organizational development required to make open innovation a reality in the organization. Katja will demonstrate that open innovation requires a strategic and process driven approach, setting innovation objectives in line with business results and contributions.

Expected insights from the session

By participating in this session you will gain insights into:

  • How world leaders have adapted to a fast moving industrial environment.
  • The importance of access, rather than assets, and the importance of accessing adjacencies to leverage discoveries of unobvious others beyond trusted networks.
  • The importance in the current economic climate of capabilities and approaches to externalize costs and risk of innovation.
  • How Philips has matured their open innovation capabilities.
  • The deliberate approach that is required to make open innovation a reality in any organization.

Join us and learn more about how to take open innovation to the next level in your organization. This session takes place September 27, 2012 at 15.00 CET. Please note that the number of guests is limited and participation is free of charge.

About NineSigma

NineSigma is one of the most experienced and advanced Open Innovation service providers. Founded in 2000, NineSigma has been offering open innovation solutions long before it was an accepted management practice. NineSigma is responsible for a large part of how open innovation is practiced today, and continues to evolve its services and organization to ensure that organizations will be prepared to move their business to the next level of open innovation capability, regardless of where they are today.

NineSigma engages companies across all industry sectors with the global innovation community and enables their organizations to leverage our open innovation network of external resources to solve immediate challenges, fill product pipelines and integrate new knowledge and capabilities into their organizations.

Presentation of Moderator and Experts of the session


Rick Wielens, CEO, NineSigma Europe. Rick Wielens joined NineSigma in 2010 and is responsible for NineSigma Europe. Previously, Rick worked with his own company in open innovation and expert services mainly in the High Tech area in the Netherlands and Germany. Rick brings international experience working in Germany for SAP and in the Netherlands for Royal Philips Electronics in various roles and industries. Rick holds a M.Sc. in Transport Planning and Management from the Westminster University in London and a BA in Traffic Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Tilburg.


Werner Vogt, is a former board member of the Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte Group as their COO and CTO and is currently Honorary Professor and Chairman of Applied Sciences at Karlsruhe University as well as member at the university board of the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences. After earning his Masters Degree in Manufacturing Engineering Management (wirtschaftsingenieurwesen) at Karlsruhe University he joined the Siemens group where served in different roles from 1975 onwards in Siemens Energy and Automation and Siemens Automation and Drives.  He worked both in Germany and the USA.  He became board member of the Bosch Siemens Appliances business in 2007 and retired from this role in 2009. Next to his activities in Germany, he is currently on the Consultancy Board, GAMI Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute, Suzhou, China.


Alan Taub is currently Professor at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering. Taub was Vice President, Global Research & Development at General Motors, leading GM’s advanced technical work activity, seven science laboratories around the world, and seven global science offices. He retired from this role in April 2012.  Before joining GM, Taub spent 15 years in research and development at General Electric, where he earned 26 patents and authored more than 60 papers.  He also worked at Ford Motor Company for eight years.  Taub received his Bachelors Degree in Materials Engineering from Brown University and Masters and Ph.D. degrees in applied physics from Harvard University.  Taub was elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering in 2006. He also serves on advisory boards for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, and the University of California, Berkeley.


Katja van der Wal, Director Open Innovation, Philips Consumer Lifestyle. Katja van der Wal is driving the Open Innovation program at Consumer Lifestyle. The Innovation & Development function of this sector is on a journey to realize its ambition to become a fast, externally focused and collaborative innovation organization, creating and delivering consumer-centric products that delight and bring sense & simplicity to people. Open Innovation is one of the important focus areas to get there. Prior to this, Katja has held several positions in Consumer Marketing Management at the headquarters of Philips CL (and formerly Philips DAP). In addition to other experiences she has 5 years as Director, Consumer Marketing Management for Senseo, a partnership between Philips and SaraLee/DouweEgberts. Katja joined Philips 20 years ago, starting in production engineering at Philips Semiconductors. She holds a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Technical University Delft in The Netherlands.