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Find ideas that transform your offering, revolutionize your processes, expand your market, and more. IdeaScale is an innovation management platform that uses crowdsourcing to help you find and develop the next big thing.

Why Do We Need Innovation Management Software?

We know that innovation is essential in order be competitive in the marketplace. The most successful companies lose their market position if they fail to innovate; between 1999 and 2009, nearly 50% of the Fortune 500 lost their position on the list as they lost the ability to meaningfully keep pace with the market. IdeaScale provides software that adds structure to the innovation process so that organizations can consistently source new projects from a hive mind that help them meet their goals.

IdeaScale transparently sources ideas from an organization’s network (customers, employees, or prospects) instead of expecting a small group of individuals to provide innovative suggestions. Any group charged with managing organizational improvements then gains the ability to build teams around the best ideas, develop research that helps turn ideas into project plans, and generates an overall organizational strategic roadmap for improvement – all from within the application. With IdeaScale, organizations get better ideas at a lower cost and those ideas get to market faster.

Innovation Management Software Impacts Innovation in Three Key Areas:

  • Products and Services: IdeaScale technology can help organizations improve existing offerings or find new ones that can impact an organization in core or transformational ways.
  • Processes: IdeaScale technology sources ideas that address an organization’s modes of operation and develop new efficiencies that can improve productivity, budgets, sustainability, and more.
  • Market: IdeaScale can also help organizations find new applications for existing offerings or discover new solutions that will expand the footprint of an organization by finding new business models or expanding into new markets.

IdeaScale Software Includes:

Ideation functionality
Idea Management
Crowd collaboration functionality
Team building modules
Refinement Tools
Evaluation modules
Funding mechanisms
In-depth reporting
Dedicated Account Manager
And more…

What People are Saying:

“One of our top community ideas was the top selling product of ALL TIME.” 

“With IdeaScale, the research and development lifecycle has been cut in half.” 

“By using the IdeaScale platform, we have been able to achieve this velocity without increasing management cost. Costs for managing the community and campaigns have been reduced by ~90%.” 

“IdeaScale’s ability to customize and level of service make it the preferable choice when looking to engage large groups of people and organize large groups of rich, qualitative data.” 


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