Master Silicon Valley’s Value Creation Mindset and Methods

Innovation is more than a good idea—it’s a disciplined approach for turning opportunities into valuable outcomes. Embrace the innovation mindset and learn the skills in this brand-new, self-guided course.

Excelling at Innovation’s 5 on-demand modules (3.5 hours) offer proven practices, stories from visionaries, and examples of trailblazing innovation from around the world. And this is not a passive program—no one learns new skills from just watching videos. Excelling at Innovation will challenge your thinking with innovative exercises and out-of-the-box activities. You will be asked to practice new techniques through project-based assignments to build your innovation muscles.

Once you complete the course, you’ll have learned a disciplined approach to uncovering unmet needs, developing and presenting high-potential ideas, and testing those ideas to ensure they provide value to your target customers.

Who is This Course For?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur building new business, an employee creating new product, or a problem solver implementing a novel solution—this course is for anyone who wants to master the practice of innovation and apply it to create a better future!

Excelling at Innovation

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What Will You Learn?

How to uncover opportunities worth pursuing. To identify and determine if the opportunity is important or just interesting.

How to use Design Thinking methods to expand the possible and generate novel ideas. To produce the kinds of ideas that are worth investing your life’s energy in realizing.

How to ensure your ideas create value right from the start. To use tools like CO-STAR to make innovation inevitable.

How to present your ideas in way that gets others to say “yes.” To earn the trust and support of the people you will need to ensure success.

How to learn quickly and cheaply if your idea is likely to be a winner. To proactively plan and prove the concept.

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About the Instructor

Laszlo Gyorffy M.S. is the V.P. of Global Services for IdeaScale, one of the leading cloud-based innovation software platforms in the world. He brings 25 years of consulting and training expertise working in Silicon Valley and with clients around the globe, helping them to innovate faster, smarter, and with greater impact. Laszlo is an accomplished speaker and co-author of Creating Value with CO-STAR: An Innovation Tool for Perfecting and Pitching your Brilliant Idea as well as the Global Innovation Science Handbook. His value-driven approach to innovation and skills as a capability and culture builder has created business solutions worth millions of dollars in new revenue and cost efficiencies.