We are always on the lookout for original articles from thought leaders, researchers, and others with valuable contributions to innovation management. If you have an original, non-promotional article you would like to publish, please read the editorial guidelines below and email Sarah Vandenberg, our Managing Editor, at [email protected]

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We publish articles to advance knowledge and strategies in the field of innovation management. It is important that the theories and tips you provide be translatable into action. Topics that our audience find the most helpful include leadership tactics, creativity exercises, academic or in-depth research into innovation management and idea management, and global trends in business development, sustainability, and economic growth.

Apart from articles sharing innovation insights and strategies, we welcome case studies, reports, white papers and in-depth articles, book reviews, interviews, and more.

Publishing with us gives you the opportunity to reach a diverse network of innovation management practitioners and provides an excellent means to increase recognition and branding. We are happy to include your contact information and a link to your organization in the “About the Author” section. Self-promotional articles or those promoting a client will be rejected. If you would like to advertise with InnovationManagement.se, please click here.

We do not accept articles or listicles focusing on marketing platforms, SEO and related services, software, or cryptocurrency, and we reserve the right to reject submissions that we do not believe meet our guidelines for content or quality.

Prior to submitting your article, please thoroughly review and copy edit your text.


We greatly value the time and energy spent to prepare an article and we are appreciative for this hard work and investment. The process you can expect after submitting your article to [email protected] is the following:

  1. A reply with any questions regarding the content will be sent to you within 1-7 days after
  2. If accepted for publishing you can expect your article to be published within 1-3 weeks
    after acceptance of the final version.


Please include all of the following information with your article:


Maximum 60 characters.


The snippet gives a high-level overview of the article, and may be a maximum of 160 characters.


The intro paragraph is where you catch the interest of the readers. Make sure to let them know what the topic focus is and why it is important, as well as the main focus of your article.


  • Total word count: 800 – 3,000 words.
  • Sub-headings: Please insert sub-headers to separate concepts in your article.
  • Method for referencing: References should be linked inline as anchor text, or if no link is available, included at the end of the article.
  • Hyperlinks: We encourage you to insert non-promotional hyperlinks to related topics or articles inside your text. Links must be to educational resources, and not to sales pages or similar. We reserve the right to remove or to nofollow any and all links in articles, and will let you know if we choose not to include a link altogether.
  • Pullout text: Write in red italics any ideas or quotes you’d like to highlight.


Please include all charts, graphics, etc. as separate attachments—you may email these to us at [email protected] Preferred formats are JPG or PNG. Please do not include any low-resolution or thumbnail images. If you are using an image that you do not personally own (such as a stock photo) please include an attribution link.

Make sure to include clear references inside the main text of your article so we know where to place the image.


If you are a new contributor, after the article text please provide a bio and headshot. If there are multiple authors, please fill in the same information separately for each. Feel free to include your social media profiles, personal or professional website, and contact information.