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New Readiness Assessment Tool from EY to Improve Innovation Capabilities

How does the new Readiness Assessment Tool help to generate more and better innovation, as well as faster and cheaper innovations that bring revenues? Apply the assessment tool to your own company to create a common understanding of what holistic innovation management means, to structure, analyze, and measure the innovation potential of your firm, identify areas of improvement, and ultimately to design and implement recommendations tailored to the unique position of the firm.

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Developing Your Innovation Competency – A Three Stage Model

In this live IM Channel One Roundtable Discussion, hosted by HYPE Innovation, the panel discusses a new innovation maturity model that helps to understand how innovation evolves inside organizations. Based on detailed interviews with seasoned innovation professionals, the experts share insights on how to mature your innovation efforts over time. They also provide important information on new methodologies to help you adapt to an environment where the pace of change continues to accelerate.

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Promoting your Enterprise Innovation Program – Strategies, Tactics, Actions

One of the most crucial elements to success is the communication and promotion strategy of an innovation initiative. This is not only important during its launch, but throughout the lifetime of the program. Not paying enough attention to this topic from the beginning is likely to result in low participation and poor results. In this IM Channel One webinar learn more about how to promote an innovation program effectively to raise awareness and get sustainable engagement.

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Innovation: The Need for Speed

The more things change, the less they do. This is the reality that the 4th Benchmark Survey on Product Portfolio Management has uncovered: product organizations reveal that they face an ever-tightening vice grip of market pressures without a corresponding increase in the quality or availability of those factors that would enable speeding innovation in the face of those pressures. Watch this IM Channel One Ask the Expert Q&A Webcast and learn about tangible methods to build a road map for sustainable innovation.

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Is the Pharmaceutical Innovation Model Broken? And can Open Innovation Mend it?

This IM Channel One Ask the Expert Q&A hosted by NineSigma shares hands-on experiences on how open Innovation can be applied to mitigate operator bias in the pharma industry. By formulating business cases that address global healthcare needs, the pharmaceutical industry can open new avenues of innovation that are built on existing solid assets, developing accessory devices and services, creating user communities (medical and/or patient) and strategies to defend against the generic erosion of revenue.

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Best Practices for the Front End: Igniting Ideation and Powering Prioritization

Product organizations often fill their pipelines with more ideas than their budget and resources can handle because they lack the means to identify and prioritize the winning ideas. The result is that most organizations have too many projects for their resources and miss opportunities to develop the products that will gain them market share. In this IM Channel One Ask the Expert Q&A hosted by Planview, the experts discussed how organizations should assess which products are market-worthy, and how to prioritize them to justify resource allocation is critical to the product organization’s success.

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Innovators Aren’t Born – They’re Made

Today, the “business as usual” is not sufficient. What we experience at an increasing pace are razor-thin margins, heightened global competition and a rollercoaster economy. Innovation is the key to creating and sustaining a business’s competitive advantage. In fact, without it, the results can be catastrophic. But there is good news: research shows that anyone can learn the skills needed to become more innovative. In this Expert Roundtable Discussion learn more about how innovation can be learned, what the key innovation skills are, and how companies can support a culture of innovation.

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How to Create a Culture of Sustainable Engagement in Enterprise Innovation

Many organizations are recognizing the power of involving much larger and diverse groups in enterprise innovation. Some company cultures react well to the initiative, others are much more cautious. Building a sustainable culture where everyone’s happy to share ideas and contribute to company challenges can be tough for innovation professionals. In this session we explore how to create engagement from every corner of the enterprise to help your organization reach its innovation potential.

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Open Innovation Practices Applied to Corporate Venture Portfolio Building

The new corporate venturing adapts open innovation tools to ensure that the created future options can be realized. Proven open innovation practices, such as challenge diffusion or RFPs, stealth scouting and ecosystem landscaping, are very amenable to successful corporate venture portfolio building. In this IM Channel One Expert Roundtable Discussion we heard from corporate venturing leaders how they view the future of corporate venturing and how they see the way open innovation can and will contribute to their corporate venturing activities and global innovation strategy.

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Integrated Innovation: How to Make Innovation Everyone’s Job

As companies strive for double-digit growth from innovation they are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their growth targets from innovation year after year. One key success factor to reach goals is to be able to integrate the innovation process and make it everyone's job. In this Expert Panel Q&A webinar the experts and practitioners share their experiences with integrating innovation.

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Strategic vs. Tactical Innovation – Learn how to get the Balance Right

In tough economic times, companies need to demonstrate the value of their innovation programs. Many innovation leaders are pressured to deliver benefits now, whilst long-term success depends on managing a strong portfolio of strategic innovations and potential breakthroughs. In this IM Channel One Expert Panel Discussion hosted by HYPE Innovation, global innovation leaders talk about how they've found a "sweet spot" between strategic and tactical innovation through a smart mix of structure, programs, and tools.

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How to Change Culture by Doing: Creating Momentum

In large or complex organizations, starting or ramping up innovation can be a real challenge. For concrete ideas on how to create momentum for innovation projects, watch this IM Channel One Ask the Experts Panel Discussion. We invited two experts from KILN's cauldron to discuss aspects of innovation program momentum, from leveraging the creative talent of your people, through to winning management's buy-in.

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How to Make Open Innovation a Reality in your Organization

There is a lot of talk about open innovation. But what do you need to be able to really walk the talk and generate concrete results? In this IM Channel One Expert Panel Discussion hosted by NineSigma, you will learn about how Open Innovation has been adopted transversally across diverse industries, how this has been achieved and the impact it has had in making and maintaining these Open Innovation adopters industry leaders.

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Making Innovation Pay: Driving the Move from Innovation-Talk to Innovation-Do

This IM Expert Panel Discussion on making innovation pay offers insights on new methods to increase the rate of innovation, reduce individual level costs per innovation and encourage fail fast methods. This session is all about unusual ways that organizations have managed to drive innovation execution to make returns on their innovation investments and the key learnings that can be applied and replicated in your organization.

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