Langdon Morris, author of Foresight and Extreme Creativity has led the innovation consulting practice of InnovationLabs LLC since 2001, where he is a senior partner and co-founder. He is also a partner of FutureLab Consulting. He is recognized as one the world’s leading thinkers and consultants on innovation, and his original and ground-breaking work has been adopted by corporations and universities on every continent to help them improve their innovation processes and the results they achieve. His recent works Agile Innovation, The Innovation Master Plan and Permanent Innovation are recognized as three of the leading innovation books of the last 5 years.

The Driving Forces of Change

Six major forces are driving change in today’s world. Developing a successful innovation program requires that your organization understand and master all of them.

A Strategically-Focused Innovation Process

Many people assume that creating new ideas is the beginning of the innovation process, but actually that’s not true, according to Langdon Morris. He explains that ideation occurs in the middle of a disciplined, strategically-focused innovation process. In this article, he outlines an 8-step innovation process that promises better results than the traditional 'spray and pray' approach to developing and managing ideas.

Apple’s Next Move?

Apple has passed arch-rival Microsoft to become one of the most highly valued companies in the world, but retaining its position among the most valued of all companies will require considerable skill as well as perhaps a good dose of good luck, because maintaining a phenomenal growth rate when your sales total $19 billion is a lot easier to do than your sales have grown to $65 billion. So what are Apple’s best strategic options? That’s what I’ll like to explore in this article.

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