How to Align Innovation with Your Corporate Strategy

For any corporate innovation initiative to succeed, it is important that it is aligned with corporate strategy. Jeffrey Baumgartner shares a simple three step approach to help ensure that this happens and to avoid common pitfalls.

Are Too Many Ideas Killing your Innovation Efforts?

How can having too many ideas be bad for your new product success? The problem isn't actually the number of ideas generated. The problem is allowing too many of them into the product development process at the same time, according to Michael Dalton.

Purpose-Driven Innovation: The Key to Soliciting High-Quality Employee Ideas

You have doubtless visited a hotel or restaurant or other service business where a small box invited you to offer suggestions on "how can we better serve you?" Very likely, you never bothered to make a suggestion because, like most people, you sincerely doubted anything would happen to your suggestion. Indeed, I often wondered if such boxes were ever emptied and suggestions read! In other words, you probably didn't make the effort to offer a suggestion because there seemed to be no purpose to doing so.