Adi Codaty is currently Innovation and R&D Head at United Health Group in India. As an innovation evangelist, he is focused on developing and deploying innovative healthcare solutions that will change the way healthcare is delivered in developing and emerging markets.  He recently relocated to India after spending 14 years in the US and has a special interest in Asia as an emerging market. In an individual capacity, Adi Codaty is an avid speaker at healthcare conferences and is on the advisory board of Telemedicon India, a global telehealth event.

What’s your Point of View on Challenge Driven Innovation?

Challenge Driven Innovation (CDI) is an innovation framework developed by InnoCentive that accelerates traditional innovation outcomes by leveraging open innovation and crowd sourcing along with defined methodology, process, and tools to help organizations develop and implement actionable solutions to their key problems, opportunities, and challenges. We asked Adi Codaty, currently Innovation and R&D Head at United Health Group in India about his point of view on CDI.

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