Have you ever wondered what it is that elevates some of us from mediocre to outstanding? Well, I’ll let you in on that secret ingredient.

If there’s one secret ingredient that separates the successful from the unsuccessful, the innovative from the unimaginative, the forward thinker from accepter of status quo and leaders from followers, it is curiosity.

It’s the curious thinker that will push us forward. Its the curious thinker that will solve today’s problems for your customers or clients with a new spin that enables both parties to be successful.

If you’re not curious then you’re not asking yourself questions. If you’re not asking yourself questions, then it means that you’re satisfied with status quo. In this digital age and constantly advancing world we live in, those who are satisfied with status quo will perish. Clients don’t want experts, they want curiosity and problem solving from their suppliers.

It’s hard to be an expert today when everything is changing so quickly. In the blink of an eye, what was a hot trend yesterday is cold, off the boil and replaced by something new today.

It’s only the curious mind that, once finished with a job, will automatically start to think about the next thing. It’s only the curious mind who looks one, two or five years into the future of your industry to ponder where it will be by then.

It’s only the curious mind that takes a leading brand or organization and constantly pulls it apart to find the next great idea in administration, technology, sales, finance, logistics or supply. One of the most important traits of any creative thinker is curiosity. It was what made Albert Einstein the creative genius we all admire, and its what makes Apple’s Steve Jobs so successful. Its also what makes political leaders, religious heads, the best moms and most successful CEOs great.

If you, your company or your organization want only to be good, then stop asking questions. But if you want to be truly outstanding, then develop a curious mind. Don’t settle for status quo and how things are today. Think about the ways in which things could be different tomorrow in every aspect of your world. This simple “sleight of head” will unlock more opportunities than you could ever imagine!