If you wish your idea selling skills were more effective, then I urge you to check out Sam Harrison’s new book, IdeaSelling.

One aspect of creativity that doesn’t get nearly enough attention is developing your ability to sell your ideas. The world is awash in books on creativity techniques and tips, but much less has been published about how to actually ensure that your “killer idea” sees the light of day.

Fortunately, prolific creativity author Sam Harrison is helping to address this oversight with his new book, Idea Selling: Successfully Pitch Your Creative Ideas to Bosses, Clients and Other Decision Makers.

Following the format of his best-selling books IdeaSpotting and Zing!, IdeaSelling features eye-catching, single-page messages and easy-to-use worksheets that make it an ideal quick read as well as a valuable desk reference. The sections of the book have practical, action-oriented titles, such as How to Deal with Decision Makers, Begin By Boosting Your Believability and Find Out What Clients Want by Listening.

On thing I really like about IdeaSelling is that it Harrison doesn’t limit himself to just gathering and disseminating ideas, tips and strategies on how to pitch your ideas. He also presents thought-provoking exercises that spur you to ponder your own idea selling challenges and the key people you need to influence in order to successfully do so.

For example, one exercise asks you to recall an occasion where one of your ideas was rejected. Harrison asks the reader to list questions you asked the key decision maker before and during the presentation. He then asks you to think about other questions you SHOULD have asked, and he encourages the reader to make a copy of this page and review it the next time you’re preparing to sell an idea to someone important.

IdeaSelling is full of excellent advice on how to successfully pitch your ideas. Harrison draws upon his own extensive experience, plus he gathers some of the best tips and strategies from a wealth of other highly creative people whose livelihoods depend upon being able to communicate and sell their ideas in a compelling way.

If you wish your idea selling skills were more effective (and we all do!), then I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Sam Harrison’s terrific new book, IdeaSelling.