Jeffrey Baumgartner has published a new book that aims to help managers become Innovation Masters.

If you have read for any length of time, then the name Jeffrey Baumgartner should be very familiar to you. He publishes the fortnightly e-journal Report 103, which consistently contains some of the best thinking about innovation strategy. His articles frequently appear on this website because Jeffrey covers issues that matter to innovation practitioners.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you that Jeffrey has just published a new book entitled The Way of the Innovation Master. This unique book is written in three parallel, yet intertwined cycles:

1. The semi-spiritual journey of Jane, a CEO who is determined to become an innovation master in order to transform her overly bureaucratic global company into the innovation powerhouse it once was.

2. A dialogue between two old-school company presidents who talk about applying the lessons of an Innovation Master in their respective businesses.

3. A series of short, concise lessons that provide step-by-step instructions that every Innovation Master needs to know.

Jeffrey sent me an electronic version of The Way of the Innovation Master, and I had an opportunity to skim through it. The blend of a business parable, Q&A and practical “how-to” innovation lessons is quite intriguing, and has the effect of giving you a look at he skills of an innovation master from several unique perspectives. Jeffrey is a relentlessly creative person, and that’s reflected in this fascinating book.

The Way of the Innovation Master is available now via the JPB website, and should be available via online retailers like in a few weeks.