Do you believe in idea wizards? Some claim that Tom Evans is just that – an author, inspirational speaker and creative catalyst who has a knack for helping others find their creative flow. This week IM caught up with him to find out more on his innovative vision.

What is innovation management to you?

I think it is crucial that innovation is not limited to the R&D lab or product development and marketing departments. For a business to survive and thrive in the 21st century, innovation should be applied in every department in the company and to every touch point in supply chain and in customer relations. As Apple prove time and time again, innovative product delivery and customer service goes well with innovative products.

What are the most important lessons for an innovation manager to learn?

Innovation managers are ambassadors and teachers and should lead by example. Every day and in every way, they should look at every aspect of business they come across to see where innovation can be applied. This is not about re-inventing the wheel for its own sake but being continually aware of opportunity. They should also be mindful of their ego and to allow others to shine.

Do you think innovation management as a profession is headed in the right direction?

I don’t think it is even fully recognised and in some businesses it can even be seen with derision as being something trendy but of no value. The role of Chief Innovation Officer should replace that of the Chief Information Officer in forward thinking businesses.
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What’s your next big challenge?

My next biggest challenge is to get these messages out to the world many of which are touched upon in my new book on the subject, The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments.

Innovation can be learned and there are so many simple techniques to encourage it.

For example, the way you breath affects how your left and right brain intercommunicate. You can even learn to be innovative while you sleep – this is how Kekule ‘discovered’ the structure of benzene.

Also, I would love to see one day meditation and visualisation being commonplace in the boardroom and be the prequel to any design meeting. I use mind calming and stilling techniques to get great results in all the businesses I work with. Getting this message out is my biggest challenge.

About Tom Evans:

I’m an author, musician, poet and technophile who specialises in helping people and businesses tap into their Creative Muse. I’m  a student of both the esoteric and exoteric and have been called, by others, the wizard of light bulb moments, a seer and a modern day alchemist.

My 30 year career in the broadcasting and Internet industries has given me considerable commercial acumen as well as a deep appreciation and understanding of advanced technologies. For example, I now find myself as being an iPhone app developer and expert at all things e-publishing as well as being pretty handy with all web technology.

I’ve also got a knack for making these both simple to understand and empowering for others. Via a set of simple, elegant and thought provoking techniques, I will breathe life into your world and help unleash the untapped creativity inside you. I teach the arts of Whole Brain Thinking and Whole Mind Connection, how you can experience light bulb moments on demand and how to make your ideas actually happen.