How many ideas should move from selected to implemented?

Senior Editor and Special Communication Projects Lead at IIR USA, Marc Dresner interviewed Lars Percy Andersson, Founder and CEO at in order to discuss how companies approach the process of managing innovation. In this brief podcast they discuss strategies such as corporate acquisition and how to approach culture change in order to benefit innovation.

Marc Dresner, Senior Editor and Special Communication Projects Lead at IIR USA. Marc is a professional communicator specializing in trade publishing, marketing and PR for the market research and conference industries.


Lars-Percy Andersson, CEO & Founder at Lars is an Economist who has extensive management training from IMD in Switzerland and holds a degree in Behavioral Science and Psychology. He has been responsible for executing major innovation programs for multinational companies.

Forward Focus is a special interview series focusing on thought leaders and experts at the forefront of innovation. Brought to you by FEI 2015 taking place May 18th – 20th in Boston, Massachusetts.

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