Climate efficiency is key for the future of everyone on this planet. With an issue of such magnitude, you may feel that individual actions cannot make a large impact. While your business by itself cannot solve global warming, the actions you take can inspire others and can have a much bigger impact than you may realize.

In this article, we will detail some strategies you can take to improve the climate efficiency of your business.

Go Paperless

In a largely remote world, there is little need to be a paper documented business anymore. Pretty much everything you need as either a business owner or team member is available online and is relatively congruent with any physical alternative.

When creating documents like roadmaps, journey maps, business models, and other important diagrams, choose to build them online rather than on paper. This might seem like a small change, but once it’s adopted across the board, it can have a significant impact on your company’s paper consumption.

Update Waste Systems

Having a singular method of disposal can be hugely harmful on the environment, and it’s an incredibly easy change to make.

When working in a remote workspace, this obviously isn’t possible on a company-wide level, but it’s something that we recommend people implement in their personal lives too.

Sorting garbage into waste, recycle, and compost is a very easy change to make, and with an in-person workspace, this can be accompanied by adding more compostable accessories for people to use. Simply prompting people to sort their garbage can make a huge step in transitioning your business to be a climate-efficient company.

Build a Holistic Climate Strategy

Building a climate strategy is important for any business that wants to make a strong commitment to climate efficiency. To ensure that your changes aren’t ad hoc, you need to make solid plans for the future.

When creating these plans it’s important to:

  • Analyze your current carbon usage
  • Brainstorm ways to cut emissions
  • Plan innovative changes to push towards carbon positivity
  • Share these changes on an internal timeline to help ensure accountability

These steps are the biggest guideposts to steer your new climate strategy, and when you create a climate roadmap, these changes become much more achievable.

Conduct Group Workshops

One great way to raise awareness about climate efficiency is by conducting workshops with your team to propose individual lifestyle changes that can have a big impact. If people are improving their personal climate efficiency, then that will help build new possibilities for the team as well.

Conducting workshops on an online whiteboard is a great way to bring people to a collaborative space where they can share ideas, list helpful tips, and create a solid plan for the future. Additionally, these tools are paperless and can be stored online forever so anyone can access them when they need them.

Opt For Online Meetings

While traveling for business can be fun and exciting, it is a huge waste of carbon resources. Instead, opt for online communications. Especially in a remote world, video calling is extremely normal and nobody would bat an eye if this was the tool of choice over an in-person meeting.

Even when conducting larger meetings or workshops, using a video-conferencing tool accompanied by a visual collaboration tool is a great way to keep people engaged while conducting a large-scale meeting.


Creating a climate-efficient business is a daunting task, but when you break it down into clear goals it becomes a very reachable achievement. If you want to learn more about how to conduct climate-friendly workshops, stay tuned to IdeaScale to make innovation possible.

About the Author

Paul Van Zandt is the founder of Fresco, a startup enabling real-time collaboration for people everywhere. Fresco allows you to collaborate with your team on an incredibly simple interface customize your workspace, and save all of your changes online in digital permanence. If you liked this article, make sure you check out Fresco to see how you can begin utilizing a futuristic brainstorming method.

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