Adi Gaskell is a Social Business Consultant, advising large organizations on innovation and social business trends. He is an old school liberal with a love of self organizing systems. He specializes in finding the many great things that are happening in the world, and helping organizations apply these changes to their own environments. Adi holds a masters degree in IT, specializing in artificial intelligence and enjoys exploring the edge of organizational behavior. He is a regular contributor to some of the biggest innovation and social sites including DZone, Social Business News, Social Media Today and, and his own website: He is a well regarded public speaker, having delivered talks to NUJ, the Guardian, Stevenage Bioscience and CMI, whilst also appearing on shows such as BBC Radio 5 Live and Calgary Today. 

Outside / Inside Innovation: Combining Open Innovation with Employee Networks to Drive Success

As business leaders seek additional impact from Innovation Programs, new ways to leverage and scale existing resources are being explored. One approach is to link externally sourced ideas with networks of innovation-minded employees, to generate additional business impact.