Chris Thomason, author of The Idea Generator, spent fifteen years working at the intersection of innovation, business growth and customer experience. He’s an engineer who started his career in the UK automotive industry. He emigrated to South Africa to work in the gold and platinum mining industry and was fortunate to experience the transition to democracy first hand. He also spent time running a gold mine in Mozambique at the height of the civil war there.
The development of better thinking in business and in society is one of Chris’s passions, for improvements in thinking skills is the only way mankind will be able to overcome the future challenges. You can reach him at Twitter, Linkedin, SprintForGrowth and IngeniousGrowth.

15 Clever Thinking Tools to Create Winning Ideas Quickly

When faced with tricky business challenges, success is often linked with the ability to create new and meaningfully different experiences that are better than existing alternatives. Being different involves change, and implementing change and rethinking working practices is a big task for individuals and organisations.

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