Prof. Eunika Mercier-Laurent is a Global Innovation Strategist and Founder of SMLE – for Knowledge & Innovation Management since 1994, President of Innovation3D, and E100 expert of ENTOVATION International since 1996.

Her own specialties include: sustainable innovation management, architecture of knowledge flow, complex industrial problem solving using knowledge engineering methods and tools, collective experience for technical diagnostic and risk management, collective intelligence, knowledge discovery, decision support systems, e-learning and knowledge transfer methods.

She is associate Researcher at IAE Lyon University, where she got her HDR in 2007. She is teacher and e-teacher of Knowledge Innovation and knowledge thinking approach in engineering schools and universities. Main topic of her research work is about transforming all forms of computers into intelligent assistants of humans. She is member of Institut F.R. Bull, multidisciplinary group working on influence of new technologies on different areas like decision in complex environment, complex systems security, medicine; influence of natural on artificial brains and machines. Other honors and activities: AFIA, CAAI; EC, OSEO, ANR expert, cofounder of the Mediterranean University of Innovation, organizer and co-organizer of several scientific conferences, member of IFIP TC12 and chair of TC 12.6 on Knowledge Management. She is frequently invited talk at the international conferences, author of tutorials and over 50 international publications and books.


Understanding and Exploiting Innovation Ecosystems

Do we have too static and rigid a view of innovation? It should be all about dynamic connections, imagination, experience and the interconnection of people and machines. In short it should be about identifying, understanding and exploiting innovation ecosystems, says Eunika Mercier-Laurent, author of The Innovation Ecosystem.