Fei ChenFei Chen, PhD, is Director for Technology Scouting at Coloplast A/S in Denmark. She studied for her Masters in Chemical Engineer in China, and was awarded a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark. Fei Chen has worked for 18 years in research and development, sales and marketing and business development.

She has solid experience in innovation leadership in global companies and has gained hands on experience in entrepreneur leadership through a biotech start up company. She has wide knowledge of various industries: medical devices, biotechnology, food and environment. Her Chinese background and solid business experience in Denmark makes Fei Chen a strong bridge between these two cultures.


In China, Crisis is Seen as an Opportunity

In the Chinese word for crisis ‘weiji’ (??), ‘wei’ ? means danger, and ‘ji’ ? means opportunity. Crisis does not have the same meaning in China as in Western society. Chinese people believe that danger can be turned into opportunity, if one acts wisely according to under the circumstances. This mentality can be clearly seen in the way that China has tackled the global financial crisis.

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