Francisco leads inbound activities and business development for Latin America. Before Exago, Francisco worked at Philip Morris International and Deloitte. After having studied and worked on four continents and in many business areas, he effectively advises companies on how to out-innovate their competitors. He holds a BA in management and an MBA from Vlerick Business School.

The Future of Work – The Transformation from Within

Which companies are ensuring their place in the future? Definitely not those sticking to conventional models in work organisation or in structuring and running their businesses. As evolution teaches, the ability to adapt to environmental changes, such as the ones we experience in the corporate world, determines who has a better chance of thriving. So, is your company’s DNA set to evolve?

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Ready to Play The Innovation Game?

More than ever, companies need to engage their employees to assure long-term viability. Yet, overwhelmed with information, people’s attention spans have become shorter and shorter. Their willingness to contribute to lateral activities has shrunk, particularly if these are boring or create anxiety. And innovation is often no fun…or can it be?

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