Dr. Julia Kotlarsky is Associate Professor at Warwick Business School. She is also Associate Fellow of the LSE Outsourcing Unit and holds visiting position at Vrije University Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Her work revolves around managing knowledge, social and technical aspects of globally distributed software development teams, IT outsourcing and offshoring. Julia is a regular presenter in international conferences. She published her work in numerous journals including the Wall Street Journal, Communications of the ACM, MISQ Executive, European Journal of Information Systems, Information and Management, Journal of Information Technology.

Julia is also co-founder of the Annual Global Sourcing Workshop which is now in its fifth year (www.globalsourcing.org) and co-author of several books including The Handbook of Global Outsourcing and Offshoring (Palgrave, 2009) and others. (www.juliakotlarsky.com)

6 steps on How to Achieve Innovation in Outsourcing

There has been a huge amount of growth in the outsourcing industry over recent years, so much so that it has become engrained in the way many large enterprises run their business. As the industry matures and the range of outsourcing services extends to higher value activities, client firms raise the bar regarding their expectations, seeking the delivery of high impact innovation from their vendors.