Lisandro Sosa holds a Business Administration degree and a PostGraduate degree in Strategic Management and Administration. He is an active member of IT Sciences Superior Council in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Lisandro is also an Internet Solutions Partner (ISP) of BrightIdea, Inc. market leader of innovation management software from San Francisco, USA. He founded SQL Consultora, company that provides IT, innovation and consulting services to Latin American companies since 1997, with headquarters in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. He team with partners in Chile and Brazil, who help in reach and expand SQLConsultora throughout Latin America. Liosandro has published several articles in Spanish about innovation management and business organization.



Innovation in South America

According to the last INSEAD Global Innovation Index 2009-2010, all South American countries are ranked below the 40th position. To improve the innovation situation in the region there are three main focus areas to be addressed: encouraging a culture of collaboration and the use of social media, encouraging intrapreneurs, and to introduce Management 2.0. Other key issues are Internet penetration and the Enterprise 2.0 concept.