Dr. Juszczak is a lead consultant and speaker on business education and an executive corporate trainer both within the United States and internationally. He has conducted a diverse array of customized programs in innovation, strategy, leadership, organizational behavior, business cognition and expertise management. Dr. Juszczak holds a Doctorate in Education from Columbia University, with a specialization in innovation and business cognition. He is the author of two books and numerous articles and has a patent pending for an expertise analysis system.


5 Steps to Increase Innovation Skill Sets

"This company needs to be more innovative!" Sounds familiar, doesn't it? But what happens next? Because a true change in how innovative a company is must also reflect a change in the skills of employees that are related to innovation. Which, of course, begs the question: Is innovation a skill set that all employees can acquire? Can employees that are not innovative learn how to be? And, if so, what are these skills? How are improvements in them measured? In this article Dr. Mark Juszczak attempts to provide HR practitioners with some guidelines and a background into the competencies linked to innovation and the extent to which such competencies are teachable.