Rui Santo is a Researcher, professor at MBA – PECE – USP, Consultant in Creativity to Innovation, Creator of 10 tools on creativity and first instrument to measure ideas, Innovation Scales©®”, Elected by ESPM Magazine (2006) Top – Ten innovators. Developed the S.I.T. ©® – Self-Compared Ideas Theory©®, Five Ways to Measure Ideas, Ideal Idea = 0.00iur and Litmus Test Ideas. MA at ECA/USP – Communication; Electrical Engineer worked 4 years in Switzerland.


Methods of Measuring Ideas for Innovation

Turning ideas into numbers and knowing the characteristics of the Ideal Idea (0.00iur) is like having a compass and knowing the safe harbor where the minimal risks of innovation converge. Mathematically identifying desired ideas by users, extracted from simplified mathematical formulas, is the Holy Grail that eliminates uncertainties and passionate discussions, which are unhelpful in choosing ideas.