You Set the Challenge, and We Deliver the Crowd

The hardest part of crowdsourcing is sustaining the volume and activity of the crowd. With IdeaScale Crowd, we’ve brought the crowd to you so that you can launch a challenge and solve a problem with the help of a curated group of 30,000 innovators.

With IdeaScale Crowd, brands such as Hyundai, Target, Hershey’s, and more have tapped into our community of creative problem solvers to:

  • Create new products and services
  • Find new ways to improve existing products and services
  • Validate ideas
  • Provide feedback and in-depth discussion around branding, marketing, and engagement

Not just for product development and feedback, the IdeaScale Crowd community of solvers have also worked with more socially-focused organizations and businesses to address such questions as:

  • What would encourage you to join a coworking space—or come back into an office setting—after the pandemic ends?
  • How can we get out the vote during the age of COVID?
  • What are some ways that hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers can more efficiently communicate with one another?
  • How can insurance industry products and services help mitigate risks to vulnerable populations?
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Community and Challenge Management

Our challenge strategists utilize longstanding crowd mechanic expertise to control against slumps and encourage daily activity so that building a crowd is less work for you.

Post Any Challenge

IdeaScale Crowd members are design-smart, engineering-savvy, and creative—and can respond to any market research or co-creation challenge you’ve got!

Ongoing Engagement

All members participate in multiple challenges and improve the ideas of others. Our team handles the marketing and engagement of our crowd so that you don’t have to.

Types of Challenges

Challenges our crowd members have participated in include new product development, existing product improvement, market research, consumer insights, and much more.

IdeaScale Crowd Demographics

IdeaScale Crowd Demographics

IdeaScale Crowd Testimonials

“We partnered with IdeaScale Crowd, a crowdsourcing technology focused on innovation, to help us think of innovative products that could make life in a first apartment or dorm room even better.”

-Kathee Tesija, SVP Chief Merchandising Officer, Target

“In searching for our next breakthrough idea, we turned to the IdeaScale Crowd community to help us generate out-of-the-box ideas. It far exceeded expectations. High-impact and low-touch; there’s not a better way to get fresh new ideas and inspire your team to think differently.”

-Rich Ahern, VP, Marketing & Product Development, Sterilite

“What impressed me most was the responsiveness of members and their ability to generate innovative ideas that were actionable, with little more than a three-sentence introduction / brief.”

-Matt Nelson, Innovation, Hyundai

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