Very recently I had a pleasant surprise watching Moneyball movie in my local cinemas. I was expecting a typical “losers become winners” movie but it’s actually a great story about disruptive innovation. Here are 10 take-aways from this excellent movie.

When I decided to watch the movie Moneyball I was expecting to find the tipical “Losers become winners” movie. But it’s actually a great story about disruptive innovation, and how an innovative mindset can unleash a thrilling number of hidden opportunities.

Here are 10 keys based on the movie that you and your organization should think about when faced with the challenge of adapting to strong new competitors or market transformations, where you feel you’re suddenly playing an unfair game:

  1. Identify competitive disavantages and set a fixed strategy definition.
  2. Dig as deep as you can to understand the root of your problems and focus ways to either solve them or find ways to transform each one into a uniqueness.
  3. Once you identify your points of differentiation, set ambitious goals and get into competition.
  4. If you are small player in your industry probably you should promote innovation in the fields most ignored by big players.
  5. The best way to create sustainable advantages is to look for 3-sided innovations (product, processes and people).
  6. Make sure your team is aware of what they’re expected to contribute and what’s at stake. Each person must bring their “A game” to their specific role.
  7. The slogan “Adapt or die” should be displayed on your office walls, to make sure that nobody forgets how painful it can be to change the rules of the game. You need everyone’s engagement in order to be successful.
  8. Open clear communication channels in your corporation to gather any creativity or lateral thinking proposal that can help you to achieve your goals.
  9. Promote disruptive innovations that will drive your growth by transforming what exists and creating what doesn’t.
  10. Manage success stories carefully and make sure they doesn’t mess any of previous 9 principles.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to play ball!