The new corporate venturing adapts open innovation tools to ensure that the created future options can be realized. Proven open innovation practices, such as challenge diffusion or RFPs, stealth scouting and ecosystem landscaping, are very amenable to successful corporate venture portfolio building. In this IM Channel One Expert Roundtable Discussion we heard from corporate venturing leaders how they view the future of corporate venturing and how they see the way open innovation can and will contribute to their corporate venturing activities and global innovation strategy.

Insights from the session

  • How corporate venturing is inserted in the corporate work flow, the expectations and results
  • The way OI can improve deal flow by reaching beyond the usual suspects and opening new horizons.
  • How OI can identify white spaces while avoiding exposure of the corporation strategy to the outside world, protecting from competition, over solicitation and information over load
  • How OI deal sourcing can increase the flow and quality of information and scouting, while avoiding confidentiality issues, particularly in direct investments
  • How, by embedding OI at the operational and venturing levels, it becomes simple to converge the global innovation objectives

About Joachim von Heimburg

Dr. Joachim von Heimburg is one of the most experienced innovation practitioners in Europe and the Middle East. He designs and implements innovation strategies, processes and structures and makes them operational creating value for the business. This he supports by creating a culture fostering an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial activities.

He led the culture change of Procter & Gamble from traditional R&D to Open Innovation in EMEA. From 2010 to 2012 he was General Manager Innovation and Corporate Program at SABIC, one of the leading global chemical companies. At present, he works as Innovation Architect and Executive Advisor on state-of-the art innovation capabilities and structures helping companies and other organizations to innovate how they innovate.

He has extensive multi-cultural working experience in 7 countries (Belgium, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA). He holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics of the University of Marburg, Germany and studied economics at the University of Frankfurt, Germany.

About Ninesigma

NineSigma is one of the most experienced and advanced Open Innovation service providers. Founded in 2000, NineSigma has been offering open innovation solutions long before it was an accepted management practice. NineSigma is responsible for a large part of how open innovation is practiced today, and continues to evolve its services and organization to ensure that organizations will be prepared to move their business to the next level of open innovation capability, regardless of where they are today.NineSigma engages companies across all industry sectors with the global innovation community and enables their organizations to leverage our open innovation network of external resources to solve immediate challenges, fill product pipelines and integrate new knowledge and capabilities into their organizations.