The more things change, the less they do. This is the reality that the 4th Benchmark Survey on Product Portfolio Management has uncovered: product organizations reveal that they face an ever-tightening vice grip of market pressures without a corresponding increase in the quality or availability of those factors that would enable speeding innovation in the face of those pressures. Watch this IM Channel One Ask the Expert Q&A Webcast and learn about tangible methods to build a road map for sustainable innovation.

Planview recently developed the Innovation Management Maturity Model™, a matrix-based tool that enabled those surveyed to assign their organizations a maturity level of 1 (low) through 5 (high) against the variables of People, Process and Tools. There is a clear correlation between an organization’s innovation maturity and the risks to its product portfolios. In this webcast the expert panelists introduce the Innovation Management Maturity Model™ and expand on why it is important to product organizations.

Key insights:

  • Product organization pain points and business risks are escalating and conditions are not conducive to propelling innovation.
  • Driving innovation fast enough to deliver the right market-driven products in the right window requires enough of the right resources at the right time.
  • Introduction of Innovation Maturity Model and why it is important to product organizations.

About Planview

Planview develops and delivers portfolio management software for the enterprise. We partner with customers to help them optimize their two most precious resources, — people and money — to execute with their product strategy and deliver innovative, profitable, and differentiated products to market on time and on budget. Our solution supports the entire product lifecycle; helping organizations collect input from customers, prioritize the best product portfolio, build the product roadmap, and manage the execution of bringing those products to market. Learn more at

About the Experts

Carrie Nauyalis, NPD Solution Evangelist at Planview, is passionate about establishing customer partnerships, developing market positioning, defining field enablement strategies, providing market-based feedback into Planview product development, and being an overall evangelist and thought leader for the Product Development market.
She is an active speaker, MBA guest lecturer, blogger, and vlogger on all things Product Portfolio Management, with warm places in her heart for the topics of innovation, Stage-Gate, and Agile.

Follow Carrie on Twitter: @PDPMprinces

Maureen Carlson is a Partner at Appleseed Partners, an independent marketing consulting and research firm. Maureen has more than 20 years of experience in high technology, business-to-business marketing, research, and consulting. She has focused on product marketing for hardware, software, and professional services and has deep experience across various market segments including Manufacturing and Healthcare. She is the researcher and author of four benchmark studies with Planview focused on Product Portfolio Management and has published research in on the topics of resource management and capacity planning.

Follow Maureen on Twitter: @mocarlson.

Christa Tuttle is the marketing liaison for Planview. She is the founder of the boutique marketing firm, Launch Marketing, and she has nearly 20 years of B2B technology marketing, communications, and management experience. She has worked with Planview for more than seven years on a variety of marketing projects spanning lead generation to multiple markets and geographies, event marketing, product launch activities, productvideos, and more. She has also worked with customers to increase user adoption of their newly implemented Planview solution.

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