In this live IM Channel One Roundtable Discussion, hosted by HYPE Innovation, the panel discusses a new innovation maturity model that helps to understand how innovation evolves inside organizations. Based on detailed interviews with seasoned innovation professionals, the experts share insights on how to mature your innovation efforts over time. They also provide important information on new methodologies to help you adapt to an environment where the pace of change continues to accelerate.

The panel discussion focuses on the innovator’s need for a stronger sense of pathway – in other words, how does the innovation journey unfold from the first attempts at systematic innovation and culture change onwards? We look at three phases of an innovation maturity model to help innovation managers to orientate their activities and improve the team’s capabilities.

The discussion is based on Haydn Shaughnessy’s paper,”Growing Adaptive Innovation through an Innovation Maturity Model.” Furthermore, background to real options thinking as well as platform and ecosystem business models are covered, as described in detail in The Elastic Enterprise by Haydn Shaughnessy and Nicolas Vitalari.

Main challenges

  • How to use ideation to its best effect…. Companies typically use ideation to generate far too many ideas – how can you use it more selectively and strategically?
  • How to migrate from formal decision processes, which typically slow down innovation and do not necessarily lead to the best choices, to true delegated decision making.
  • How do you plan the improvement of innovation competency? We will talk about which phases of development you can expect to go through, and which you should want to go through.
  • As change accelerates, how do you de-risk? We explain strategies for creating options, different styles of options thinking and ways to link strategy and project more convincingly.

Key insights

  • Anticipate and plan the improvement of innovation competency
  • How to align project and strategy and make better decisions
  • How to rethink key innovation metrics


About HYPE Innovation

HYPE Innovation is a global leader in enterprise social software for idea and innovation management, with over 13 years of project experience and best-practice expertise with customers around the globe. Their powerful software provides the backbone for innovation and helps drive long-term, repeatable success for clients. The flexible, enterprise-class software platform enhances ideation with employees and opens innovation in a smart, secure environment to partners, suppliers, customers, and the external community. HYPE supports a full-lifecycle innovation process from ideas to market, enabling their customers to transform ideas from the crowd into revenue for their business.

About the Experts

Haydn Shaughnessy is an expert in systemic innovation and advises companies and organizations on the latest thinking and practice in innovation as well as helping them to plan and manage transformation. He is writing regularly about innovation on and has published several books, such as The Elastic Enterprise. One of his latest publications includes a paper on Growing Adaptive Innovation through an Innovation Maturity Model


Colin Nelson is Director of Strategic Consulting at HYPE Innovation. Colin is a subject matter expert and thought leader, helping clients engage their enterprise to support existing or newly established programs on innovation, cost reduction and business transformation. Recent clients include Abbot Labs, BASF, General Mills, Metso&Swisslog.