Join this live IM Channel One web event on September 9 to explore the topic of innovation governance and to learn from industry leaders about how to harness the power of innovation.

Innovation Governance delivers on the strategic intent of innovation. Yet few organizations seem to get Governance right. This live IM Channel One Roundtable Discussion, hosted by Imaginatik, explores the role of an Innovation Steering Committee in enterprise innovation: how to construct and manage it, measure innovation and use it to engage the hearts of employees, customers and leaders.

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Date September 9, 2014
Time 5:00 PM Central European Time
8:00 AM US Pacific Time
11:00 AM US Eastern Time
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Duration 60 minutes


Luis F. Solis, President of Imaginatik North America

Expert Panelists

Deborah Arcoleo, Director, Advanced Innovation Center at The Hershey Company
James Euchner, VP, Global Innovation at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Why should you attend?

As the experts in this live Roundtable will discuss, Innovation Governance is the unglamorous “management side” of corporate innovation. Venture Capital firms employ healthy governance (e.g., Monday am weekly sessions by all partners), as do private equity firms seeking a balanced portfolio. With innovation maturity comes a need to manage innovation with foresight, strategy alignment, and proper power lines and authority to stop projects, alter priorities, and advance investment in others.

Furthermore, you will gain insights into why personal career success, and sustained enterprise outcomes, depends on healthy innovation governance. Otherwise, individuals and the organization are unable to repeat ad hoc innovation victories. Organization without an effective Steering Committee risks inactivity, delay, excessive focus on incremental projects and funding interruptions.

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Main challenges to be addressed?

The main challenge to be addressed during this session is how to construct, develop and live by a robust innovation portfolio with multiple horizons. The experts will discuss key enablers such as a clear, compelling innovation strategy; an actively engaged Innovation Steering Committee; measurement and communications using appropriate performance indicators;

Takeaways from the webinar

As a participant in this live web event you can expect to:

  1. Learn how governance reconnects corporate strategy with innovation performance.
  2. Learn ways in which the innovation steering committee provides much needed governance glue.
  3. Get valuable insight into how governance makes prioritization possible: invest, adjust course, or stop/kill.

Sign-up for this live web event is now closed. Welcome to watch the recorded session.

About Imaginatik

Imaginatik is the world’s first full-service innovation firm. We have 16 years experience building innovation into a sustainable competence at some of the world’s largest and most respected companies. Through a mix of consulting and advisory, hands-on innovation projects and program management, and award-winning enterprise software, we provide the complete set of innovation products and services to turn your innovation program into a repeatable competitive advantage.

About the Experts

Luis F. Solis, President of Imaginatik North America. Luis is a pioneer in the diffusion of innovation strategy and enterprise B2B software in global organizations. He has taken companies public, started ventures, and turned-around software companies. A graduate of Stanford University’s Business and Law Schools, Luis recently authored “Innovation Alchemists: What every CEO needs to know to hire the right Chief Innovation Officer.”

Deborah Arcoleo, Director, Advanced Innovation Center at The Hershey Company. Deb has over a decade of experience with the strategy, process and tools for the “fuzzy front end” of innovation, as well as managing innovations through stage gates to launch. She has led Innovation Centers of Excellence for two companies, building on her earlier career experience in consulting and organizational change. Prior to Hershey, Deb held innovation roles at Campbell Soup Company, J&J Consumer Group of Companies, and Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

James Euchner, VP, Global Innovation at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Jim is responsible for new growth trajectories for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. He previously held senior management positions in the leadership of strategy, innovation and IT at Pitney Bowes and Bell Atlantic (now Verizon). He holds BS and MS degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Cornell and Princeton Universities, respectively, and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.