The ultimate task for multinationals today is to efficiently harness their greatest asset: the knowledge and expertise of its people, spread across the organization and the globe. In this live IM Channel One Roundtable Discussion, hosted by Exago, we share experiences on how to run a cross borders idea management program, so as to achieve corporate alignment, employee’s engagement and seed a culture of innovation.

Exago is a pioneer in innovation management software and services which use collective intelligence to solve key business challenges, around the globe. From cost reduction and customer engagement to behavioral change, we help companies unleash their people’s hidden potential to achieve real results.

Exago was founded in 2008, in Lisbon, Portugal. We’ve grown with our partners and customers worldwide, spanning a variety of industries, from telecom operators and major retailers to health organizations and energy suppliers. With them, we’ve reached 19 countries on 4 continents. We have 3 office locations, in London, UK; São Paulo, Brazil; and Lisbon.

About the Experts

Lars-Percy Andersson, CEO & Founder,

Pedro do Carmo Costa is a co-founder of Exago. His career has centered on the art and science of innovation for 15 years. He helps large companies build an internal capacity for innovation, to evolve and grow successfully. At Strategos, Pedro worked with innovation thought leaders such as Gary Hamel and Peter Skarzynski.