Innovations should clearly contribute to growth, optimization and protection of the business. However, CEOs often challenge innovations already at the beginning of respective discussions and huge amounts of ideas get lost, together with prospective business benefits. In this IM Channel One Roundtable Discussion we introduced EY’s way of utilizing innovation management to address the three most relevant board room challenges: top-line growth, bottom-line growth and business resilience.

Innovations are put in the heart of every board room agenda by showcasing how a structured approach towards innovation management can lead to new business models and pockets of growth, to elastic and adaptable operations, as well as strategies and tactics in how to protect effectively identity and value proposition in order to exploit and grow existing markets, and to explore new and “next” markets of growth.

If responsible executives like “Chief Innovation Officers” don’t connect the dots like “idea-to-value”, innovations will always suffer in visibility, relevance and recognition – and this will extinguish existential transformations and the adaptability of businesses.

The webinar provides business insights to where innovation management helped established businesses to re-discover the way of entrepreneurial thinking and decision-making in order to outpace competition and operationalize defined strategy.

About EY

We are 190,000 people based in 728 offices in 150 countries, organized into 29 Regions and four Areas. EY is committed to doing its part in building a better working world.

We operate as the most globally integrated firm, with one methodology, across all our geographical areas. It’s a structure that enables us to mobilize our people quickly, and allocate them to projects in the right place, at the right time.

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About the Experts

Kristijan Grgurevic manages EY’s Strategy practice in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He focuses on corporate strategies and business model transformations. Kristijan has implemented innovative business models within the pharmaceutical industry in order to increase customer demand, extend customer loyalty, and explore even new customer bases to stimulate business growth. Kristijan holds two Masters Degrees in Industrial Engineering and M&A.

David Jensen is EYs Global Innovation & Digital Strategy Leader based in the US where he works primarily on Innovation and Digital Enterprise Strategy projects. Working at the intersection of innovation and technology, his areas of expertise include growth strategies and implementation of digital, customer and information experiences across multiple industries.

Mark Hutchinson is Strategy lead for EY’s UK& I Advisory practice. He has been a ‘big 4’ partner for ten years, and has worked with leading clients across the public and private sectors on major strategic issues. He is also responsible for supporting EY in the UK develop innovative new services and sources of growth.

Philippe Peters is a partner and the leader of EY’s Strategy & Transformation advisory group in Russia and CIS. He focuses on growth strategy and business transformation for corporations and owners, across industry sectors. Philippe has 25 years of international experience, including prior roles with firms Monitor, BCG and Bain in Moscow, London, Paris, Asia. He holds two degrees, MSc Engineering and MBA from Essec, Paris.