While discussing the role of a designer in a corporate context, Lee Fain (Design & Innovation at Electrolux) and Anthony Ferrier (CEO, Culturevate) exchange views on a number of questions that are critical to the implementation of design leadership: How can design leaders scale their influence? Does the designer’s representation need to come directly from a designer, or can it come from another leader with an interest in design? Finally, where does design typically sit within an organization? Join us for this latest clip from Innoview – a new interview series with a focus on developing cultures of innovation and intrapreneurs within corporate settings.

Watch the full-length webinar: The Changing Value of Design in a Corporation

About the presenters

lee-fainLee Fain, Design & Innovation at Electrolux

Lee Fain focuses on front-end innovation activities within Electrolux’s Group Design bringing to life product concepts through design within a new product development process. He was previously part of 3M’s Design Team focused on leading design-centric initiatives where he championed design thinking with business partners to realize material science solutions for the consumer electronic industry. Lee Fain received a Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design (Savannah College of Art and Design) and a BA (Campbell University).

Anthony Ferrier, CEO, Culturevate and Innovation Author

Culturevate provides a tailored approach to employee focused innovation training and tools, working with some of the world’s leading universities. Anthony is also an innovation-focused advisor to a range of corporate organizations and is a regular author and contributor at

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