Courier services have come a long way in the past decade and a lot of that is down to technological developments. These days, couriers understand that in order to stand out and provide an exceptional service, they need to invest in the latest technology innovations. This is especially true when it comes to international courier services.

So, how have technology innovations and developments aided international couriers over the years?

Faster, cheaper shipping

When you think of technology in the courier sector, you most likely think about software and tracking services. While both of these have helped to really improve international courier services, it’s important not to forget the bigger technological changes. Aircraft and freight ships have been drastically improved over the years to provide a faster, cheaper service.

Now, it’s possible for businesses to send parcels abroad both quickly and affordably. Through couriers, parcels can easily be sent to countries such as Russia, China and Brazil. By partnering with airlines and freight companies, couriers are able to offer competitively low prices.

The speed of deliveries is one of the most impressive developments in the international shipping industry. At one time, it would take an average of two weeks for a parcel to arrive at its global location. These days, it can take as little as a few days to a week. This is largely thanks to automated processes used by couriers today, alongside the faster transportation options.

Parcel tracking

Parcel tracking is perhaps one of the most important technological advancements made within the courier sector. It’s enabled businesses and the courier companies themselves, to reduce the risk of fraud. It’s also helped the customer keep track of the exact location of their parcel. This is an especially important feature when it comes to international deliveries.

When shipping something internationally, there’s a much higher risk that something could go wrong. Parcels are at an increased risk of going missing or being held up in customs. The tracking feature therefore, can give a business peace of mind and see exactly where the parcels are by simply looking online. It takes literally seconds to track a parcel these days which is pretty miraculous when you think about it.

Making use of smartphone apps

All of the major international couriers are using smartphone apps to provide a more convenient and reassuring service. They have their own branded apps which enable customers to log in and track where their parcel is. Many also come with fast contact options which are extremely useful if anything does go wrong.

Being able to check parcel information no matter where you are from your smartphone or tablet, is an incredibly useful feature.

Overall, international courier services make use of a wide range of technological advancements. As technology continues to develop, it’s likely we’ll see even more improvements over the next few years. Amazon is already working on an innovative new delivery service in the form of drone deliveries. So, this could be something else we eventually see international couriers using.

By Zak Goldberg

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