Special understanding is critically needed on how new cyclones of artificial intelligence-laced, blockchain technology-driven digital platforms with capabilities like LinkedIn and baby-Alibaba type models will dance on global trade. Alibaba just broke some records: USD 1 billion sales in 3 minutes, and the other day some 24 billion dollars in 24 hours. This is dancing with global trades and prosperity on world stage. What are these deployment programs and who is stopping such mobilization in other nations?

Suddenly, the turnkey power of quality, speed and global access will make the traditional roles of vertical business growth already mandated to major National Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and economical development agencies start to appear like high school assignments.

On economical development fronts, a brand-new thinking is finally emerging; on global trade and exportability, the dots to connect are starting to appear; on prosperity the paths becoming visible; it’s now sink or swim time. Transform very rapidly… as the rest wouldn’t matter…

Economical development must demonstrate advanced-level skills on the art of massive deployments of entrepreneurial fronts intertwined with the dynamics of sophisticated digital platforms. Therefore, understandings of the ‘protocols of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism’ are some of the new prerequisites:

Cold Facts & Warm Realities:

All over the world, buzzwords like ‘incubators’, ‘startups’ and ‘innovation’ are already being overtaken by  new thunder of ‘entrepreneurialism’, ‘mobilization’ and ‘commercialization’. As nations realize that despite enough start-ups and innovation programs, there is no dramatic impact on economy. They also realize one project at a time is far too slow an approach and now the nations really need massive transformation, especially as technology platforms allow such high-speed deployments for speedier progress. The time to change has already passed – it’s now time to mobilize and revolutionize national entrepreneurialism. Massive new digital platforms like combining LinkedIn with Google and Alibaba all as one new umbrella capable of tackling any global trade vertical will shake down all trade associations and key players in that sector. Decades ago, we had Yellow Pages by cities; now you will have Yellow Pages by global trade sectors, colorful and with live interactive face-to-face virtual engagements and searchable vertical industry umbrella servicing the entire world. AI and blockchain technologies are ready to create a new thinking and the question is if the old business world ready to face the truth?

Understanding Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism:

Many nations around the world have tried very hard to create entrepreneurialism but frequently failed. However, these same nations were able to create well-trained armies and high-ranking officers because they were all trained in tactical battlefield engagements and by veterans from the real battlefields. Soldiers do not draw pictures of battlefields on whiteboards and run around with water pistols. They live the battles.

On the other hand, pure and raw entrepreneurialism is a natural gift readily available to every child, but our early upbringing and risk-averse parents and teachers snatch that talent away. Re-kindling entrepreneurialism is only a small ignite away. It requires two fundamental things: firstly, training by only real global age entrepreneurs, and secondly, training on real entrepreneurial issues – something beyond the scope of the current academic curricula.

If flying a kite was a test of innovative process, then making a kite requires an entrepreneur and an innovative team to deploy the thread. The entrepreneurial lift critically necessary to fly high and conquer the sky must exist in order to execute the novel plans. Without the kite, innovation teams are just holding the thread glaring at the future and pretending to fly a kite.

The super gateways of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies are opening high-speed super-platforms of ‘entrepreneurial mobilization’. The faster the mobilization, the sooner the economical turnaround appears. A new world of smart debates around small, medium enterprises is starting to divide new and old economical thinking and the vibrancy of new global age entrepreneurial energy is going to replace the old oil based economies.

Understanding National Prosperity Mandates:

What’s stopping this? Why wouldn’t a nation, already blessed with 1,000 to 1,000,000 high-value entrepreneurs mobilize and showcase them to the world, provide advanced global age skills and tools to grow and quadruple national exportability? It’s not about armies landing on beaches to seek and destroy, but about armies of entrepreneurs landing with collaborative synthesizim and innovative skills for mutual prosperity.

What’s stopping this? What does it take for national trade groups and organizations already mandated to foster economical prosperity help create massive entrepreneurial mobilization readiness? How can they optimize national vertical sectors and bring in key national trade associations, big data, and 1,000 to 1000,000 high-potential, small-medium enterprises owners aligned for global age expansion?

What’s stopping this? How can national organizations bring high-value insights and debates in the preparation of ‘National Global Age Agenda of Entrepreneurialism & Exportability’ as a systematic and collaborative approach? How can they select some 100 high-profile national qualified candidates anxious to discuss such topics on local TV debates?

What’s stopping this? The biggest national hidden treasure of country is its hidden entrepreneurial talent; massively untapped, undiscovered, and uncommercialized but ready for mobilization.

Understanding Global Age Entrepreneurialism:

Entrepreneurial Competency Quotient: Today’s hyper accelerated new global age is not “highest intelligent quotient” driven; but rather “entrepreneurial competency quotient” centric. This is where innovative thinking and global age execution styles engage into collaborative synthesizim for superior quality trading. This erases the old class room knowledge models of sluggish bureaucracies based on fears, insecurities and shared dogmatic confusions. A brand-new world is wide open to smart nations.

The time to change has already passed, the time to mobilize and revolutionize has started.

The New Entrepreneurial Standards: Expothon Strategy blueprints lays out full deployments. Once properly executed, such super innovative platforms encourage local political leaders, chambers of commerce, trade houses, and major trade associations to join the charge – come altogether on the national stage and shine. This is a new global age way to mobilize entrepreneurialism and create a massive drive towards prosperity.  Expothon programs designed to quadruple innovative excellence and exportability are deployment ready multi-dimensional programs. Such deployments can transform 40% of a Nation’s SME owners already in $4 million to $40 million range seeking positive trajectory for outbound global growth. Expothon philosophies a Canadian inventions and developed over a decade by Mentorian Worldwide now getting global attention, deploys 100-1000 new global age thought leaders and debates LIVE on ‘real value creation’ models and on global collaborative synthesizim and seriously challenges the old ‘value-manipulation’ models, where a $1 million dollar factory gets $100 million dollar value on stock exchanges.

What is Expothon? Expothon is a sophisticated delivery system of transformational debates, entrepreneurial strategies and expert discussions with pragmatic solutions critical to expansion realities on creation of grassroots prosperity by mobilizing SME owners. Expothon selectively engages within a nation, anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 owners of small medium businesses in marathons of image supremacy of innovative excellence and exportability. All these high caliber intense combative tactical field training of global age business methodologies and deployment strategies create the three dimensional pace of new global age mobilization.

The Transformational; Challenges: Expothon is currently engaged in selecting countries for large scale deployment and also selecting alliances with senior government leaderships, major national and global trade associations. The new global age is a massive new landscape of new opportunities for new players…it’s only moving forward. Some 100 nations active at varying speed on novel understanding are in this global race.

Why Solid Understanding?

Entrepreneurialism is not a course, a degree or a written methodology; it’s all about understanding and experiences acquired by real living experiences; it’s not ‘explicit knowledge’ like learning accounting, but rather ‘tacit knowledge’ like learning how to ride a bike. You would think it odd to teach a person how to ride a bike by reading a book in a class room. Deeper understanding and debates are the missing link.

Global Age Speed:  

Facts:  Majority of the world’s successful entrepreneurs never had formal education or training in the field they ventured into and yet they created monumental successes. Universities have been missing big time on graduating entrepreneurs.  There are story after story of great success global age entrepreneurs who were actually university drop outs.

Facts:  Studies of the last 100 earth shattering commercialization that was delivered by entrepreneurs and almost all of them were often rejected by leading academician and financial experts.

FACT: In next 1000 days we arrive at 2020 where new worldwide processes of block chained-economy starts eliminating some one billion white collar office workers. In further 3650 days China becomes the world’s largest economy, global shifts of image supremacy starts opening brand new doors. Where are those serious debates on national mobilization of hidden entrepreneurial talents?

FACT: every night, when we fall asleep, three quarter of the world is wide awake; churning, consuming, producing and dancing in its glory. The new hyper accelerated world is spinning without waiting for any one person or one mighty nation.

Vision 2020: Cold Facts & Warm Realities: Why most nations are already flooded with massive innovations, but lacking massive commercialization? Why there are over certifications and degrees but holders seriously lacking business directions? Why there are empty incubators and exhausted accelerators like real estate projects? Why there are economical development programs but without mega punch? Why if mobilization of entrepreneurialism carves a way to grassroots prosperity, what’s stopping it? Why is this now an attractive message and political platform and wake-up call for smart nations?

Bulldozers of Prosperity:  Any smart nation can easily deploy bulldozers of prosperity by creating marathons to quadrupling exportability and innovative excellence. This is a model for mobilizing hidden entrepreneurialism and creating massive new jobs across the nation.  Difficult challenges for the local leadership: When will it push transformational buttons & engage with bold and vibrant debates across the regions? When will it deploy national mobilization of entrepreneurialism and awaken the sleeping giant?

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets.
Fact: The well designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes.
Fact: The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks.
Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the most critical and missing links.

The tools for all such transformations are already available. Study blue prints of ‘national mobilization of entrepreneurialism’ on Google.  The global age has already arrived; it’s the global age skills where the problems are hidden. Creating entrepreneurial prosperity is not that difficult but it demands high quality and high speed smartness and execution on entrepreneurial thinking.

Smart nations are already engaged in new thinking, getting ready on deployments and moving ahead.

Sink or swim…

About the author

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, world-class speaker, author, and Chairman of Mentorian Worldwide, a think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading the charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and is a recognized authority on global digital trends as well as image complexities and how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention.

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