Colorado has rapidly become one of the most prominent cities in the technology sector, but not all tech jobs are created equal. If you’re looking for a new tech job in the Denver area, here are some of the most promising opportunities.

1. AdAction Interactive

While technically not within the city limits for Denver, AdAction’s office in Lakewood is still squarely part of the major metroplex. And it boasts some of the highest client retention rates in the business. This marketing company works closely with a number of different Fortune 500 businesses, and its success can largely be credited to its superb company culture. Opportunities for promotion within the company are abundant, and management has worked hard to provide a variety of different incentives and bonding activities to keep both the spirits and the productivity of their employee’s running at peak efficiency.

2. SendGrid

SendGrid only went public in October of 2018, but this hungry startup has already earned the #2 spot on Fortune’s list of best small and medium-sized businesses to work for in tech. Employees credit the positivity of the workplace due to the kind and thoughtful personalities of the CEO and CFO. Due to their hands-on approach to directly addressing inefficiencies in the company and their open door policy towards employee concerns, they’ve earned a great deal of good will and created an environment where everyone feels like they’re working with shared purpose. SendGrid provides a cloud-based email solution that streamlines the process of coordinating transactional messages and digital marketing campaigns.

3. Fast Enterprises

Fast Enterprises has been recognized as one of the best American tech companies to work for by both Glassdoor and Fortune. They’re also known for their competency based pay. What is competency based pay? It’s an actionable approach to salaries that provide incentives for companies to do their best, and it’s increasingly becoming one of the major metrics for companies that want to prove they’re the best places to work. Employees are unified in the understanding that they can climb as high in the company as their proficiencies and work ethic will carry them, and FAST’s team building fundamentals are exceedingly strong. Their whole company policy is built around developing deep and meaningful relationships whether that be between employees and management, employees and peers, or the company and their clients.

4. Slalom

Slalom leverages cutting edge technological tools to offer creative business consulting solutions to a host of international companies, but some of their greatest innovations come from facilitating an office environment that respects the balance of work and life. Flexible work schedules that include telecommuting are the standard rather than the exception to the rule, but that’s just scratching the surface of the benefits they offer. Employees enjoy generous family medical leave, parental leave, and plenty of paid time off.

5. Workiva

Workiva’s mission statement is a bit dry, but their approach to fostering positivity in their workforce is anything but. The company’s Wdesk software platform helps businesses manage their documents and data, stay compliant with standards and regulations, and streamline their internal communications. The relationships between management and staff at Workiva is equally as streamlined. There’s a strong sense of trust and transparency at Workiva that provides employees with a high level of autonomy and encourages them to nurture their own career growth and contribute to the culture of the company. Their substantive parent leave programs and flexible scheduling options are nothing to sneeze at as well. While the company is based out of Iowa, their Denver office feels like home for many employees.

6. Blinker

Blinker’s biggest strength comes from its small size and its entrepreneurial spirit. Their mobile platform which serves as a marketplace for users looking to buy and sell cars and employees have a lot of buy-in regarding the company’s growth. There’s a sense of joint ownership in the company and the understanding that everyone has the freedom and leverage to experiment and test out new ideas without judgment.

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Kevin Faber is the CEO of Silver Summit Capital. He graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in Business/Managerial Economics. In his free time, Kevin is usually watching basketball or kicking back and reading a good book.

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