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In Search of the Perfect Brainstorm: An Update of Collaborative Ideation

July 26th, 2021|

Imaginary scenario: you have been invited to a meeting to explore new approaches to a wicked problem. Loudmouth Number 1 describes his solution. Loudmouth Number 2 vehemently disagrees. A heated argument ensues. Some people take sides. Others remain silent. There are bruised egos. You are not the only one who feels frustrated. All that time just one single idea has been considered. Have you ever experienced such a meeting? Have you ever wondered why brainstorming came to be? Brainstorming Today: Why It Needs an Update These days the noun “brainstorming” and the verb “to brainstorm” are used (and misused) extensively and in many different ways. Our working definition in this article is that brainstorming is a “process to enable purposeful, [...]

Why Your Innovation Process is a Recipe for Failure

May 7th, 2020|

Having a process for the front end of innovation is necessary but not sufficient. It also requires proper levels of funding, and a governance structure to support it. In this article, we'll look at how these aspects tie together, and how your company can support your full innovation lifecycle.

25 Tips for Innovation Session Facilitators

August 2nd, 2011|

An ideation session is most rewarding when the facilitator skilfully encourages the participants and monitors the process. Gijs van Wulfen together with FORTH facilitators have compiled a list of 25 tips to help facilitate successful ideation meetings. Do you have more?

10 Mistakes at the Start of Innovation

July 19th, 2011|

Do you find that good ideas get trashed because of mistakes made in the organization's handeling of the creative process? Gijs van Wulfen outlines 10 common innovation blunders. Do you have more?

Solve Customer Frictions

July 5th, 2011|

Good ideas are most successful when they're not just a modern novelty, but fulfill an unmet customer need. Gis van Wulfen describes how to find innovation opportunities by identifying customer frictions.

25 Rules for a Perfect Brainstorm

June 21st, 2011|

There are numerous reasons why a brainstorm session can produce few great ideas or none at all. Gijs van Wulfen gives us his suggestions for the perfect brainstorm.

Observe and Learn

June 7th, 2011|

Getting fresh insights is a crucial step in the ideation process. Gijs Van Wulfen shares his suggestions on sourcing inspiration.

What’s Your Innovation Assignment?

May 24th, 2011|

New and creative ideas often happen spontaneously, however their implementation into your organization should be planned with clear goals and direction. Gijs Van Wulfen provides helpful questions to develop an innovation assignment.

Structure Your Ideation Approach

May 10th, 2011|

The fuzzy front end of innovation confronts you with a lot of questions. In my new book ‘Creating innovative Products and Services’ I try to solve them. This time I like to introduce a structured ideation method, which combines both creativity and business reality.

Five Ideation Dilemmas

April 18th, 2011|

When do companies decide to innovate and when do they decide to go incremental or radical? Gijs van Wulfen discusses the dilemmas of decision making.

Great Ideas Have Got the X Factor

April 5th, 2011|

Do TV programmes like the X-factor offer us a better way of thinking about how product ideas should be filtered? Gijs van Wulfen takes on the role of Simon Cowell.

A Process for Innovation Planning

August 10th, 2005|

All too often, hastily planned brainstorming sessions bring up a lot of good ideas that somehow never get used, while the boring kinds of ideas you are trying to get away from seem to be used again and again. One reason for this is the lack of an innovation plan, according to Jeffrey Baumgartner.

Seven Strategies for Generating Business Ideas

March 11th, 2003|

How do organizations come up with new ideas? And how do they use those ideas to create successful new products, services, businesses, and solutions? Author Robert Tucker outlines seven proven strategies for unearthing breakthrough business innovations.