Arnaud Groff holds a PhD in innovation and creativity management from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM Paris). He also holds a MS in new product design and engineering from ENSAM. He is an expert in industrial innovation and strategic management of creativity. He founded his own company, Inovatech 3V, in 2004. Today, he and his experts support many French companies and institutions to innovate more effectively by managing in a better way innovation and creativity in order to create sustainable value. He has written different books on business and creativity management (100 questions about innovation management in 2009 published by AFNOR, recently, 100 questions about creativity, by AFNOR publisher. The toolbox of creativity will be published end of 2011 January by Dunod publisher).

Recalibrating the Innovation Metrics System

In last week's IM article we looked beyond national innovation metrics at how in the French system innovation is stifled by education, culture and systemic factors. Can we recalibrate innovation through national policy? This weeks concluding article looks at how the policy makers should be redirecting their efforts beyond traditional measures.

What Can We Learn from National Innovation Metrics? France as a Case Study in Change

National innovation statistics are regularly produced to make some Government agencies feel good about themselves and others feel bad – but do they really tell us how to make innovation happen more easily? In the first of a two part series we see how the French example holds salutary lessons for companies and governments.