Daniela Araya - Innovation Management Daniela Araya is the Marketing and Brand Intern at IdeaScale – leading idea management software for the enterprise and government. IdeaScale is innovation management software that links organizations to people with ideas. Those ideas can change the world – not just your business. Find ideas to aid in digital transformation, to face the age of automation, to fight climate change, inequality and beyond. IdeaScale has been recognized as a leader in customization, security, and public sector innovation and has a client roster that includes numerous industry leaders, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Doctors Without Borders, Freddie Mac, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, NASA, the United Way, the US Air Force, and many others.

Strategies that Promote Workplace Diversity and Make Your Business More Innovative

At IdeaScale, we’ve learned that diversity combined with equity and inclusion leads to more innovative thinking: businesses that are run by culturally diverse teams are more likely to develop new products, 45% more likely to grow market share, and more likely to have a 2X innovation revenue.

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