I have been working in and heading large business and policy projects for a large part of my career. I have also been improvising at a professional level for 5 years and have studied with several top-level schools (UCB, Dave Razowsky, ComedySportz). I exploit contact points between these realities and use them to transfer skills between them in my workshops. I am the author of two books: Effective Decision-Making: how to make better decisions under uncertainty and pressure and Writing Proposals: A Handbook of What Makes Your Project Right For Funding. Connect via LinkedIn >

How Improvisation can Boost Innovation

If you have an innovative culture already in place (meaning you’re working with stuff like agile project management, design thinking, lean, etc.) perhaps it’s time you consider Applied Improvisation Training. If instead you are a static and uncommunicative company, Applied Improvisation may even work against your innovation efforts. Edoardo Binda Zane explains more.