Erik Roscam Abbing (Seattle, US, 1969) is a consultant and teacher in design management, with a strong focus on bringing together the disciplines of branding, innovation and design. Having studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Technological University of Delft and Design Management at Inholland/Nijenrode, both in the Netherlands, Erik has worked as a practicing product designer for 10 years before founding his consultancy Zilver innovation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Erik consults for a variety of international clients in the product and service industries. Erik is also a part time teacher at the school of Industrial Design at the Technological University of Delft, the Netherlands where he develops and teaches classes related to strategic design, design thinking and branding.



Brand Driven Innovation

Erik Roscam Abbing's book ‘Brand Driven Innovation’ describes a new way of thinking about- and practising innovation, driven also by a unique view of the brand. Eric shares the story of how Brand Driven Innovation came into being and what it means for an organisation’s innovation practise.