Isabella M. Grahsl has been working as a strategy consultant with A.T. Kearney since 2009 focusing on innovation and growth projects and organization benchmarking and transformation. Besides, she works as an IMP³rove trainer, delivering innovation management courses to different target groups. Recently, Isabella finished her doctorate studies at the Technical University of Clausthal focusing on innovative growth in the context of industry convergence and customer co-creation of value (Dr. rer. pol).

Developing a Strong Eco-System Which Drives Innovation

Innovation policy is about the challenge of contributing to the wide objectives such as employment, sustainability and economic growth. How to approach such a task? The answer is simple but the effort complex: Aim for a strong innovation eco-system. Referring to the case of the IMP³rove Euromed Project the article suggests four systematic steps on how to establish an effective, innovation inducing eco-system.