Louise Koch is a rare hybrid of anthropology, innovation, and business. She has worked with user-driven innovation in both public and private sector for a number of years, and is a frequent guest lecturer and advisor at University of Copenhagen. With the consultancy company BOP Innovation (www.bop-innovation.com) she is pioneering the field of Base of the Pyramid and Inclusive Business, working as a consultant to several multinational companies and being a delegate of Cornell Global Forum for Sustainable Enterprise. Recently she joined Grundfos as a Program Coordinator for the strategic global CSR programme. She is a popular, enthusiastic, and inspiring speaker on innovation and how to make the world a better place by using the power of business.

Learning to Trade and to Innovate at the Base of the Pyramid

Is sustainable business the missing link in alleviating poverty and boosting global trade and prosperity? If so, how should companies exploit this opportunity in practice? Louise Koch, Danish Anthropologist and Business Innovator, talks about best practice, mindsets and resources for sustainable, people-centred innovation in developing countries.