Michael Rivers is Head of Xpedite Consulting at NHS Innovations London and works with enabeling governments, organisations and businesses to realise greater returns from their investment in innovation, using the cumulative operating experience and know-how embedded in NHSIL’s core operating model. The practice is specialised in two aspects of innovation: Building Innovation Capability and Creating Innovation Communities. Michael has 25 years experience in marketing and branding, growth strategy, business processes and technology gained at KPMG, Monitor Company, Perot Systems Europe and Accend, a marketing performance consultancy.

The Case for Innovation and Talent Management

As globalization of the world economy continues and accelerates, we are beginning a process of fundamental change in organizational design that will take us to configurations we cannot yet fully imagine. However, we can already see enough to identify major opportunities for organizations that want to exploit the benefits of these changes, even as they unfold.