Patrick Berbon, Ph.D., Managing Partner, at China Materialia LLC.  Patrick has an extensive background in metallurgy, aerospace, power and cleantech industries. He has been a Senior Consultant at Performance Improvement, a risk analysis and management company specialized in power industries. Patrick is also an experienced entrepreneur in the advanced materials space. His prior start-up was successfully listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange. It focuses on advanced nanograin aluminum alloys and its applications. Before his entrepreneurial ventures, he was a Senior Scientist in Materials Science at Rockwell Scientific Inc.

7 Key Steps to Successful Open Innovation in China

More and more Multinational Companies (MNCs) are turning to China for open innovation for several important reasons. Find out what those reasons are and learn more about best practices to succeed at open innovation in the unique Chinese market. This article delves deeper into how harvest the power of innovation from one of the world’s most populous and fastest-growing countries

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