Paul Dombowsky is the founder and CEO of Ideavibes and the charity crowdfunding initiative Fundchange. Paul started Ideavibes after over fifteen years in marketing roles at various technology or related firms. His expertise with web marketing, social media, and marketing automation, as well as keen interest in how social networks are now influencing all aspects of product development and marketing, laid the foundation for building a lean web app company. Paul developed a particular interest in open innovation and crowdsourcing through his work with TELUS Communications and his experience supporting various non-profits since graduating from Acadia University in 1990. Ideavibes as a company, and the platform, have been built though Paul’s intent on collaborating with the best and brightest from all aspects of business, government, and the non-profit sector.



Crowdsourcing Risk and Reward – How to Evaluate Options for Success

To be upfront about where we stand, yes - we are great supporters of tapping into the wisdom of the crowd for many pursuits – for citizen engagement, open innovation, or crowdfunding. That said, we realize that it’s important to be aware of the fact that there are risks to consider. This article is a response to the concerns raised by people we meet along an organization’s path of considering crowdsourcing to fulfill a particular need for their organization or their constituents.