Per Frankelius, PhD, is Associate Professor at Örebro University. He is on the board of the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London and a member of the Royal Economic Society.

His doctoral research was on the development of the first project to use DNA-technology to develop a pharmaceutical (growth hormone). His current research focuses on innovation in the arts (e.g. opera) as well as public sector innovation.

Frankelius was Secretary-General in the government inquiry (SOU) Innovative Processes 2002–03, and leader of the project (2003–05), which led to the creation of the Swedish Business School. In 2006 he was elected to membership of the Swedish Broadcasting Commission. He has been involved with several regional strategies, and is at present employed part time by Örebro Regional Council.

His research on innovation has been presented at conferences in many countries including the USA, Russia, Hungary, Finland, and the UK. As the author of some 350 publications Frankelius has been active and vocal in the national and international scientific community and society in general.

Searching for Innovation Excellence

We all seem to want more innovation these days. But do we really know what we are searching for? Do we understand the true meaning of innovation? Or are we stuck in a paradigm that doesn’t fit the original meaning of the term? Find out more in this article by Per Frankelius, Ph.D., and Associate Professor at Örebro University.

The Cave Model of Innovation

It is time to rethink the main drivers of innovation. The key activities for successful innovation are not just company research and participating in innovation systems. One activity that is just as important is skilful information search directed towards opportunities in the world outside the organizaton or innovation system. To understand this line of thinking, we introduce the cave model of innovation.