Richard Li-Hua, PhD,is Professor of Strategic Management and Development and Director of International Centre for Research, Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (RISE)  at Sunderland Business School. He is a world leading expert on technology and innovation and an internationally recognized authority on international technology transfer and Chinese business and management. He is a frequent speaker at international conference and publishes frequently in leading international journals.  In early 2006 Richard launched the China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT), which has genuinely become an international forum for debating and provoking the current and strategic thinking of how core competences can be achieved through strategic management of technology and innovation.

Innovation’s Vital Role in Germany

Germany is a forward-thinking nation with the largest GDP in Europe. Germany is also one out of only four innovation leaders in the top performance group of all EU27 Member States. Their private and public sector R&D funding is on the rise in the midst of a global economic crisis and they enjoy growing economic ties with China. So what is Germany doing right?

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Richard Li-Hua on Innovation in China

China’s ambition of become an innovation-oriented country by 2020 is an important part of the nation’s long-term strategic plan. Being the second largest science and technology thesis producer, and running the second largest economy next to the US, a lot of things are happening in China. Innovation Management spoke to Professor Richard Li-Hua, word-leading expert on innovation about his thoughts on China’s innovation.

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Richard Li-Hua on Innovation and Innovation Management

Innovation changes the world and is the key to tackling the slow recovery of the western economy, and to solving unemployment issues according to professor Richard Li-Hua, a world-leading expert on innovation. Innovation Management spoke to him about his thoughts on the need for, and the role of, innovation management.

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