Darin Eich at Innovation Training has just posted an excellent new article about creating a culture of innovation within one’s company – check it out here!

After interviewing 100 innovation leaders from a wide variety of large organizations, Darin was able to narrow down 15 best practices that you can use as a toolbox as you develop a solid innovation strategy and lead your team to success. A few highlights include:

  1. Recommendations for the best books on innovation
  2. Methods in design thinking
  3. Adopting Lean Startup Methodologies (even within larger organizations!)
  4. Use of the Business Model Canvas
  5. A focus on acquisition over invention to spur innovation
  6. Sponsoring startup accelerators or incubator programs within the community
  7. Implementing idea management software

Gain more insights in this post over at Innovation Training – and be sure to pick up a copy of Darin’s book, Innovation Step-By-Step: How to Create and Develop Ideas For Your Challenge!

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