Annu Dispenza is the innovator of  the Flavour Days initiative. She has undertaken positions as a Non Executive Director for start up companies in the UK . Annu has over 15 years Project Programme and Consulting experience across industries from Media to Shipping, specialising in Telecom services. Annu has worked on many first’s in the telecommunications industry, delivering B2B Sales Ordering Systems to Business Models for start up companies. She currently works for Ericsson UK and is also initiating a women and leadership forum. Her area of specialisem is Project and Programme Management.


Flavour Days – Creating Moments of Inspiration to Influence a Corporate Culture

New approaches to innovation like open innovation and reverse innovation have little value if employees don't develop their ability to work in innovative environments. Flavour Days is one small step along that route for Ericsson. Annu Dispenza descrbes how Falvour Days came about and what they mean to Ericsson.