Dr. Bernhard KoelmelDr. Bernhard Koelmel is Director Innovation & Strategy Management at CAS Software AG. Before he joined CAS, Bernhard was head of technology transfer at FZI, Forschungszentrum Informatik and gained international experience in Silicon Valley and entrepreneurial knowledge in own companies. Bernhard received his PhD with honours from the University of Karlsruhe. Bernhard has coordinated some 25 large international R&D-projects and contributes actively in the research area of emerging information systems and innovative IT approaches.

Lean Innovation Management for SMEs

The use of innovation management increases your operational margins. This was one of the key findings of a European study on Innovation Management performance within SMEs. The growth champions were reaching approximately 12% operational margins, an exceptional performance compared to the 5% operational margin of the average SME. In this article Dr. Dirk Balfanz and Dr. Bernhard Kölmel describe a lean and efficient approach to Innovation Management specifically targeted to the needs of SMEs.